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Welcome to HLO...

The Harris Law Office began in 1940 when John I. Harris Sr. started his private law practice in Nashville, Tennessee.  A family tradition followed...

Today, the Harris Law Office represents the continuation of a history of service to individuals, businesses and their communities by a family of attorneys whose combined practices date back more than 70 years.  Throughout that period, the attorneys at Harris Law Office have focused their practices on the needs of individuals and small business owners like you.

As in the beginning, the attorneys at Harris Law Office primarily serve and represent the needs of individuals and business owners.  We practice in substantially all areas of law where an individual, family, business owner and small business may have a need for legal advice, counsel or services.   

Our mission remains simple ... we want to help you reach your goals and solve your problems.  We want to find the best solutions and alternatives for your circumstances and to assist you to decide how you will respond to those situations.

If you are trying to reach John Harris, please call (615) 244 6670 or visit this site - www.johniharris.com.


If you are inquiring about a new case please contact us by clicking on the above Free Consultation Form above or calling the office.  Free Initial Consultations for personal injury matters.

Do you have an issue involving firearms law, regaining your Second Amendment rights, problems with a federal firearms license or a matter involving a gun range?  We handle cases in these areas.

Are you starting up or reorganizing a business?  Get legal assistance on the front end of that project as well. 


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