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Contracts for Individuals and Small Businesses

Everyone knows that big corporations, insurance companies and governmental entities have attorneys who scrutinize over their contracts.  Individuals and small businesses are entitled to have their contracts reviewed by attorneys before they are signed. 

Our services to individuals in the area of contract law include preparation, review and/or negotiation of property and equipment leases, sales agreements, business sales and purchases, employment contracts, non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, hunting leases, settlement agreements, workers compensation settlement documents, and marriage contracts.  Although you may not need to keep an attorney on retainer like big corporations, insurance companies and governmental agencies, but you will have circumstances arise when you are asked to sign a contract.  Unless you are very skilled at reviewing or preparing the type of contract which you are asked to sign, you may need our help.

Our services to businesses in the area of contracts include many of the same contract topics that individuals may encounter.  We have assisted our small business clients in preparing, reviewing and negotiating almost every type of contract that a small business may encounter.

If you or your business need an attorney to prepare, review or assist in negotiating contracts, please feel free to contact us for an appointment.


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