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Personal injury is a broad area which includes injuries or death from:

  • Motor vehicle collisions

  • On the Job Injuries

  • Vicious Dog Attacks

  • Aircraft crashes

  • Dangerous conditions in and around buildings and other facilities

  • Defective, dangerous, or malfunctioning products

  • Train wrecks.

  • This list does not include all the situations where an injury may result in a need for legal services.  The law usually provides a remedy if an injury or death results from someone else’s carelessness, recklessness, or intentional conduct.

    If you’ve been seriously injured, or someone in your family has been seriously injured or killed, and you think it should not have happened, you owe it to yourself and your family to have an experienced injury lawyer evaluate the case.

    We’re ready to do this for you.



    If you are inquiring about a new case please contact us by clicking on the above Free Consultation Form above or calling the office.  Free Initial Consultations for personal injury matters.

    Do you have an issue involving firearms law, regaining your Second Amendment rights, problems with a federal firearms license or a matter involving a gun range?  We handle cases in these areas.

    Are you starting up or reorganizing a business?  Get legal assistance on the front end of that project as well. 


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