General Guideline to an Auto Accient.

1. Don't leave the scene of the accident. .

2. Call for emergency help if someone is injured.

3. Warn other drivers of the accident scene.

4. File a police report.

5. Obtain information on other driver.

6. Obtain names and telephone numbers of witnesses.

7. Keep a record or diary of the accident, witnesses, injuries, statements made at the scene, and document injuries and property damage with photographs and/or video recordings.

8. Do not admit guilt, any statements made can be used against you.

9. Obtain medical treatment, if needed. Upon receiving treatment, follow the doctors order, including taking time off from work, and necessary follow-up treatment.

10. Obtain a copy of the accident report.

11. Inform your insurance company.

12. Seek advice from an attorney as soon as possible following the accident. Beware of giving statements to insurance companies prior to speaking with an attorney.