October 2000 Vol 8, No. 9
Published by the Davidson County
Circuit Court Clerk's Office
506 Metro Courthouse, Nashville,TN 37201
Established by George L. Rooker (1929-1993),
(Circuit Court Clerk,1968-1993)

Richard R. Rooker, Circuit Court Clerk
Gene Baker Editor


After 40 Years on Job, 'Granny' Harris Still Ticking at 83

Retirement is the farthest thing from her mind.

And why shouldn't it be?

Elizabeth Harris is barely 83 years old.

Shucks, she's only drawn a Metro paycheck for a mere 40 years.


Naah. What would she do with herself?

And what would the Traffic Violations Bureau do without her?

Since Oct. 3, 1960, the lady known affectionately as "Granny" has carried out an assortment of duties in the traffic bureau, for the most part typing letters to motorists who fall short of their fine obligations or have erred for a variety of reasons.

It is a somewhat monotonous job, perhaps, but an important one that suits Granny to a tee. You might say it is one of the ingredients that makes each day a rewarding experience for her. The rest of the recipe is made up of the long-term friendships she has formed with her fellow workers and the opportunity to remain active and productive.

Despite her age, her energy level has not waned in the least, testimony to good physical health and a spiritual mentality she credits for her endurance.

"I give all the credit to God for allowing me to have the good health to keep going," she said.

Her almost flawless attendance record attests to the fact that she, indeed, has kept going. She long ago hit the maximum number of unused sick days an employee is allowed to accumulate.

Dependability, punctuality and steady production were assets cited by Circuit Court Clerk Richard Rooker in recognition of Mrs. Harris' 40th anniversary, which came just five days after her 83rd birthday on September 28.

While four decades of service have been mostly fulfilling for Mrs. Harris, they have not come without a major share of tragedy. Just four years after becoming a civil servant, a heart attack took the life of her husband, attorney John I. Harris, Sr. Her grief would be repeated 12 years later when the same fate struck her son, attorney John I. Harris, Jr.

Since that time, she has focused her life on three grandsons, watching each become successful in his own field of endeavor.

And, of course, coming to work every day.

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